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All our timber is grown and cut in Nouvelle Aquitaine. was established in 2017 to fill a void: to bring a real high quality Timber Wood Store to the Limousin area. Our passion for excellence is what drove us from the beginning and it still drives us now. In fact, it’s what makes us tick.


Many times, it’s the most ordinary products that make the biggest impact on our daily lives. At, we believe that by offering the best of the best in even the simplest products, we can make a big difference in the lives of our customers.


So, what are you waiting for? Come visit us at Les Champs, Saint Agnant de Versillat, 23300, France, email us, or pick up the phone and give us a call! We look forward to meeting you.


We are a family run business,and our aim is to provide you with Douglas fir timber for all your projects construction or leisure activity at the best possible price.




Products / screws 


Timber (three meter lengths)

50mm  x 50mm:             2.75 eu

75mm   x  75mm:           6.00 eu

100mm x 50mm:            5.25 eu

125mm x 50mm:            6.25 eu

150mm x 50mm:            8.00 eu

200mm x 50mm:            10.50 eu

100mm  x 100mm:         10.50 eu

​150mm  x  16mm:          2.60 eu

​135mm x 25mm:            3.60 eu

​150mm x 35mm:            5.60 eu

Timber (latts)

60mm x 16mm x 2.15m

70mm x 16mm x (up to three meters)

100mm x 16mm x (up to four meters)


timberfix multipurpose

3.5 x 30mm           200qt       2.00eu

4x     40mm           200 qt      3.00eu

4x     50mm           200 qt      3.50eu

4.5x  60mm           200qt       4.00 eu

4.5x  70mm           200qt       5.00eu

5x     90mm           100qt       7.00eu

6 x    110mm          100qt      10.00eu

vortex proffesionnals 

4 x 40mm   200     6.00eu

4 x 60mm   200     8.00 eu

4.5 x70mm 200      9.50 eu

plasterboard screws

3.5 x35     1000qt    9.50 

3.5 x45     1000qt    11.50

4   x90      300qt      11.00

4  x110      300qt      12.50

bacho proffesionnal saw 22"  12.50eu


What's more...
These timber lengths are also available in lengths of 4, 5 and sometimes 6 meters.

Please ask for availability and pricing..

Customer Projects 


We love seeing what you create with our timber! Please send in your photos to and we'll feature them in our gallery.

Garden Furniture


Products available to order:

Picket fencing 1 or 2 metre lengths
Planter boxes, all shapes and sizes

Chair with back

Bench with back
Potting tables
Picnic tables

Contact us for prices & availability or to order.

Qui Somme Nous


Toute notre bois est cultiver et scier en Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Ventedouglas est une entreprise familiale, basee a st agnant de versillat.(23300)

Nous mettons a votre disposition, du sapin douglas a des prix particulierement competitives.

Notre but,est de vous fournire du bois de haute qualite,au meilleure prix possible.

Nous avons ausi,une vaste quantite de bois declase.

Vous pouvez procurer la quantite dont vous souhaite

Nous avons a votre disposition,un service de livraison a des prix concurenciels.

Si vous souhaiter contacter notre equipe concernant un devis ou vous avez des questions, vous pouvez ainsi, en vous dirigeant vers notre page <Contacter Nous>

Decking & Fencing 


Douglas Fir Decking boards:

150mm x 25mm - 3m lengths
Ready to lay, untreated, normal price €21/
, on special offer of €10/.

Douglas Fir Picket Fencing:

Single sided picket fencing made from Douglas fir.
2m x 1m high, untreated, now only €18/panel.

Double sided picket fencing made from Douglas fir
2m x 1m high, untreated, now only €26.50/panel.

Yorkshire style fencing panels:

2m x 1m high - made from 150mm x 25mm boarding. Only €29.50/panel.


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Trade price on application with siret number.

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1 La Vaudelle

Mailhac sur Benaize 87160

+33 695 411 719 

Open: Mon-Sun / 08:00-18:00

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